Agency in Big Data

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    Dearest Friends, Colleagues and Cohort,

    Thanks for joining us for an Invitation to Speak on “Agency in Big Data”, a conversation with Yanni Alexander Loukissas of metaLAB(at)Harvard, Alicia Rouault of Local Data, and Anthony Vanky & Dietmar Offenhuber of MIT’s Senseable Cities Lab at the TSMC Lobby in the Stata Center.

    In recent years conversations exploring Big Data have become necessarily frequent, engaging current changes in urban practices, speculations on future ones, and positivist forms of technological determinism. Tonight, Invitation to Speak opens up this topic from three different perspectives. A discussion that focuses on projects that allow qualitative aspects of data to engage communities to utilize as forms of agency.

    “Agency in Big Data” was created by Invitation to Speak, a series of talks organized by Elizabeth MacWillie & Anna Muessig, in partnership with the MIT Architecture Student Council [ASC].

    Special thanks to Anna Muessig + Elizabeth MacWillie + ASC, Susanna and Ulises


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